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What’s Changing at SAM Integration with SAM.gov Data

On May 24, 2021, SAM.gov will migrate into beta.SAM.gov, and the two systems will become one (known as SAM.gov - the “beta” goes away). At that time, there will be improvements to the way you access SAM.gov data.

We recently held an online Stakeholder Forum where we discussed many upcoming changes.  Please click here to watch a recording of that meeting.  

To provide you with a more streamlined experience, GSA is simplifying and modernizing access to SAM.gov data. User experience and data security were integral considerations in implementing the improvements in the way data is accessed. If you use data extracts or an application program interface (API) to access SAM.gov data, you will see these important changes come to life on May 24, 2021. Additionally, non-federal users can request a system account following the SAM.gov integration.

One of the key changes will be the elimination of the SFTP extracts. Within 14 days of the integration, extracts that were available via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) in SAM.gov will only be available via our REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This includes

  • SAM.gov Entity Management Public
  • Entity Management for Official Use Only (FOUO)
  • Entity Management Sensitive
  • Exclusions Public extracts 

The APIs are currently available for testing at alpha.SAM.gov. All API specifications are found at open.gsa.gov/api, where they are listed alphabetically. 

A second change is that current information available within the Data Access area of SAM.gov will be relocated to the Data Services area of the modernized environment. In the Data Services section of the site, you can download standardized data sets for various domains. To access Data Services, sign in to your SAM.gov account and then select “Data Services” located in the header menu. Within the Data Services tab, select which file extracts you want to view. There are icons in the data services area that, when selected, provide additional details about folder contents, file types, and data sets so you can determine whether the data will meet your needs.

Even if you currently have a system account in SAM.gov, you need to create a new system account in beta.SAM.gov to continue using this functionality when SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov integrate. The reason for the reapplication is that system accounts at beta.SAM.gov have different security requirements than system accounts in the legacy SAM.gov system. If you already have a system account in beta.SAM.gov, you can request access to the entity registration and exclusions data from your existing system account.

While System accounts allow information systems to connect to beta.SAM.gov for large data transactions on a repeated basis, a personal API key provides access to our APIs to pull detailed information from the system using various parameters. You can get an API key for your individual account on your Profile page, located in your Workspace. Personal API keys are allowed fewer pulls per day than API keys for system accounts. 

Stay tuned to this space on Interact for more information about additional changes coming to the new SAM.gov on May 24.


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