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“Did You Know?”

The MSO Helpdesk is seeing an increase in requests regarding locked USAccess accounts. We are also seeing an uptick in requests for assistance with enrollment, appointment bookings and cancellations, activation and card update appointments. Did you know these steps that could help you help your employees?

How YOU can help your employees:

  • What to do if I am a Role Holder who is unable to log into USAccess:
    • Role Holders that have not logged in to USAccess for more than 90 days will receive a message that their account is locked and they will need to contact a Role Administrator to unlock the account. The Agency Role Administrator must then log in to the Roles Admin Portal and reset the role holder’s account.
      • Please proactively communicate with your Agency Role Holders to ensure that they log in to USAccess to avoid being locked out.
  • I am an Role Admin and I am locked out:
    •  If all Role Admins for your Agency are unable to access their accounts, then please email GSAMSO@gsa.gov to unlock your account.
  • Guidance to Schedule and Cancel USAccess Appointments:
    • The Assured Identity Scheduler Job Aid is located on the GoLearn Training Portal. The purpose of this Job Aid is to guide you on the steps to schedule, change, or cancel USAccess credentialing appointments.
    • Please share the Job Aid and link to the GoLearn Training Portal within your Agency.



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