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Revised Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) Root Certification Authority (CA) Revocation Date to the Entrust Managed Services Root CA: June 17, 2021

As previously communicated, a new Production Root CA certificate has been issued by the Federal Government, named Federal Common Policy CA G2. With the issuance of this new certificate, the Federal Government will be revoking the legacy certificates for Common Policy. The revocation date for the Entrust Managed Services Root CA has been extended to June 17, 2021. 



Agencies using Mobile Credentialing Units (MCU) and Light Activation stations (LA) will need to update the certificates on their workstations prior to the current certificates being revoked. Fixed Credentialing Units (FCU) will be updated by USAccess. If the new certificate trust chain is not imported, the capability to access the stations with PIV cards may not be available. The certificates and documentation detailing instructions on how to import the new certificate trust chain are available on the SFTP site. The new trust chain is included in the next versions of the MCU and LA installers as well. The Installers Notice is also posted to the Agency Lead Portal


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