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What’s Changing at SAM Integration - Non-federal Role Changes

On May 24, 2021, SAM.gov will migrate into beta.SAM.gov, and the two systems will become one (known as SAM.gov - the “beta” goes away). At that time, several non-federal roles will change in the modernized environment. Role names will be simplified and the number of roles reduced from four to three. 

We recently held an online Stakeholder Forum where we discussed many upcoming changes.  Please click here to watch a recording and download the slide deck from that meeting.  

We were able to make these improvements and changes to roles, thanks in large part, to feedback and input from stakeholders who told us what they want and need. Working directly with non-federal stakeholders throughout the entire process of building the ‘new’ SAM.gov gave us the opportunity to create a more simplified and efficient system.

On May 24, roles will be transferred to the new SAM.gov as long as you use a login.gov account with the same email  used today for your SAM.gov login. In the modernized environment, the three non-federal roles include:

  1. Viewer (previously entity registration viewer),
  2. Data entry (previously entity registration representative or reporter), and
  3. Administrator (previously entity administrator). 

There are now three ways to obtain a role for Viewer, Data Entry or Administrator for your entity. 

  1. An existing entity administrator may invite either SAM registered or non-registered individuals to sign up or sign in to accept and complete the role association information. 
  2. An existing entity administrator can assign a role if the individual holds another role in SAM.gov for that entity.
  3. Individuals can sign in and request a role. An entity administrator can either approve or reject the request. 

Additionally, administrators will have a new ability to invite a user to a role via email. Administrators will use the User Directory to manage users in their entity and across any child entities. Access to the User Directory is restricted to administrator roles for non-federal users in the modernized environment.

Stay tuned to this space on Interact for more information about additional changes coming to the new SAM.gov on May 24.


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