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GSA SmartPay Program

The GSA SmartPay Program is the world’s largest government charge card and commercial payment solutions program, providing services to more than 560 Federal agencies, Commissions, Boards, Native American tribal governments. GSA SmartPay payment solutions enable authorized government employees to make purchases on behalf of the Federal Government in support of their agency/organization’s mission.

Prior to using a GSA SmartPay payment solution, the Federal Government used traditional paper-based payment processes such as purchase orders for small dollar purchases (under the micro-purchase threshold).  In many cases, traditional paper-based processing techniques cost more to process than the amount of the transaction itself.  The inefficiency, costs and risks associated with these processes were a key factor in the dramatic increase in the use of GSA SmartPay payment solutions.

GSA SmartPay payment solutions:

  • Streamline transaction processing;
  • Increase accountability; and
  • Provide a more efficient and effective means to monitor transactions and identify fraud, waste, and abuse.

The GSA Center for Charge Card Management (CCCM) and GSA SmartPay contractor banks are dedicated to identifying opportunities to provide customers with GSA SmartPay solutions to help address agency payment challenges.  CCCM seeks to increase awareness of available payment solutions under the GSA SmartPay master contract and help agencies continue to find ways to increase payment efficiencies and earn refunds.  In the current budgetary environment, CCCM is committed to providing information to agency executives and card managers to identify innovative ways to help realize cost savings.

Eligibility for the program is determined by the GSA SmartPay Contracting Officer. Commissions and Boards can apply to obtain charge payment solution services under the GSA SmartPay program.

The GSA SmartPay payment solutions can be used by Commissions and Boards in the following areas:

  • Fleet: This payment solution allows for the fueling and maintenance of vehicles, boats, planes or equipment efficiently and provides for management information reports to track fleet expenditures.
  • Travel: This payment solution allows for the purchase of common carrier transportation, car rentals, lodging and meals for official travel and travel-related expenses. Check for eligibility to participate in GSA's City Pair Program for discounted government airfares. Also, management reports help manage travel expenses.
  • Purchase: This payment solution will enable day-to-day business purchases necessary to run an organization. Use the information contained in the management information reports to negotiate better discounts from preferred merchants.

In order to participate in the GSA SmartPay program, the following documents must be submitted to the CCCM Office (varuna.singh@gsa.gov

Once a Commission/Board has been deemed eligible to access GSA SmartPay, CCCM will provide links to GSA SmartPay Online Training and the GSA SmartPay Website.  A designated team member of CCCM will serve as a liaison and be available for continuous customer service support.  In addition, US Bank will work directly with the Commission/ Board to establish accounts and access to electronic access financial systems.  The onboarding process for establishing accounts may take up to eight weeks.  

After onboarding, the Commission/Board will designate an Agency Organization Program Coordinator (AOPC).  The AOPC will have opportunities to network with other AOPCs in other agencies while attending meetings/discussions that pertain to the GSA SmartPay Program.    

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