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Presentation Materials from Industry Partner Meeting

The Catalog Management team recently briefed our industry partners in the Heartland Acquisition Center (HAC), which manages the Hardware Superstore and Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedules. We are sharing our presentation materials with all of you (attached). In it you will find a comprehensive overview of our three modernization efforts:

  1. Common Catalog Platform: A new web-based application for managing catalog data that will integrate with contracting systems, improve usability and functionality, and replace the Schedule Input Program (SIP).
  2. Authoritative Catalog Repository: A back-end modernization to GSA’s storage environment that will improve data accessibility and catalog publishing efficiency.
  3. Verified Products Portal: a new manufacturer and wholesaler facing portal for supplier authorization information and authoritative product content that will improve product representations to customers.

If you open the attachment, you will see that we shared the following ideas on Slide 10:

  • Moving to a three pronged approach to modifications, so that certain changes can be published to GSAAdvantage! immediately.
  • Introducing new inventory management capabilities that improve contractor ability to communicate product unavailability to customers.
  • Defining the term “temporary” for both temporary removals and sales pricing. 

We will be posting an RFI to get additional feedback on these ideas from our MAS contractors and we will share it here too. Industry feedback has been critical to our work so far, and we appreciate the continued partnership. If you have any immediate questions - or feedback- please comment on this post or email us at CatalogManagement@gsa.gov.



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