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Get Help with Managing Your Office’s Electronic Records


Save My SeatSign up today for the April 22nd Federal Acquisition Service Training (FAST) Monthly Conference Series on Electronic Records Management.

While agencies race to meet requirements[1] to implement electronic record management policy and processes by 2022, the recent experience working virtually has highlighted the practical importance and challenges in ensuring that employees can save and access documents electronically.

The session will highlight:

  • Universal standards and industry certifications to simplify requirements
  • Market research made easy
  • Scenario-based training on best practices and how to use tailored acquisition planning packages
  • Market trends & insights to stay on the leading edge of information management and e-discovery

Register today to reserve your spot. The session is free and open to agency and industry partners.

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[1]See, https://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/policy/fermi

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