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CABs Contractor Support Background Investigation Process

Does your commission, board, or council need to onboard contractor support staffing? Our team is here to help you navigate the background investigation requirements. Please note that your CABs HR specialist still remains the correct POC for federal hire investigations.

Below, you will find information that guides you through the process with GSA’s CABs Account Management team. Each contractor will need to complete four forms and send them to our team for review in order for GSA to proceed with the security sponsorship and background investigation. This applies even if a contractor still has an active clearance granted by a different federal agency.

Once our office receives these completed documents, we will provide them to the GSA Office of Mission Assurance Security team who will initiate the investigation. The contractor should then expect to receive an eQIP invitation via email within the next 3 - 5 business days. After the eQIP is submitted, the investigation review will begin. Once the preliminary investigation is complete, the onboarding contractor will receive notification they have been granted “Initial Clearance” to officially start work with your organization. While GSA is operating under a virtual environment, we will not require contractors to be fingerprinted in person. They will go through a “name check” only. However, once the agency begins office re-occupancy contractors may be required to come to GSA Central Office for fingerprinting.

If you have any follow up questions, please visit our webpage to learn more about GSA services for CABs at www.gsa.gov/cabs or contact us at cabs@gsa.gov.

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