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Meet Your CABs HR Team!

Greetings!  With the recent changes to GSA CABS HR, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and your new HR team. My name is Shanita Blake, Director of CABS HR. I began my tenure with GSA in September 2019 as a Human Resources Specialist, Account Manager with CABS HR. I have just over 18 years of experience as a Human Resources Professional. My favorite part of being a Human Resources Professional is providing top tier customer service. I take great pride in my work and the service I provide to our customers. Before joining GSA, I served in the Human Resources arena with federal agencies in the Washington, DC metro area including the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Commerce. Below is a chart which outlines our current HR Account Managers and their assigned CABS accounts. I am in the process of expanding the HR staff; however, please feel free to reach out to myself and/or to your CABS HR Account Manager should you have any HR related questions and/or concerns. Thank you for continuing to afford GSA CABS HR the opportunity to serve as your HR Services provider. We look forward to the collaboration and engagement!team


*Areas of assignment subject to change as staff is developed.

For information on CABs HR services, please visit www.gsa.gov/cabs or contact us at cabs@gsa.gov

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