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Reminder for USAccess Local Print Operators to Eliminate PIV Card Binding Errors

The MSO has received messages from Agencies using the USAccess local print service that the PIV card serial number is not displayed on locally printed PIV cards. This issue indicates that the PIV card is not bound to the cardholder’s identity record.  When PIV cards are not bound to an applicant's record, a "Fails to bind" error will occur because the local print operator failed to close the file. 


When the PIV card completes printing, the local print operator should inspect the card and answer the question on-screen "Did the card print correctly?" A "Yes" response closes the file and allows card binding to proceed. A "No" response allows the operator to re-print the card. 


Please share this reminder with your Agency local print operators. Additional information can be found in the USAccess Local Print Operator Guide v2 052119 posted to TRACKS.


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