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System Accounts Renewal on beta.SAM.gov

The development and deployment of beta.SAM.gov are managed under an agile framework to improve user experience and the functionality in the system. This means that the IAE team is continually iterating on defined capabilities and making new improvements. We document these improvements in our Release Notes, linked in the footer of beta.SAM.gov. In our latest Release Notes, we detail an update about notifications for system account holders.

System accounts are used on beta.SAM.gov for any information technology (IT) system that needs to pull or send data from or to the site. For example, a system might pull the list of contract opportunities to display portions of that data on another website. 

System accounts must be renewed every year to ensure that the data attached to the account (points of contact, system name, etc.) are still accurate and that the business need for the data still exists. As part of our most recent release to beta.SAM.gov, system account holders will get reminders of those renewals both through a countdown timer on the workspace page for the system account and through email alerts. 

The IAE team is currently finishing  a full user guide that explains the details. We’ll let you know here when it’s available. If you have immediate questions about system accounts, you can see our video, or you can contact the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov for support.


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