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USAccess Duplicate Record Deletion Policy

The MSO has finalized its USAccess Duplicate Record Deletion policy to outline when the MSO’s System Security Officer (SSO) will need to take action to remove duplicate applicant records from USAccess. When a duplicate is flagged by the system, the Agency’s assigned Agency Security Officer (ASO) must take action to identify the duplicate records, clear/confirm the record or mark the record for deletion.

There are two instances in which the ASO will not be able to mark records for deletion:

  • When an applicant record is dual sponsored or
  • When a card issuance has occurred on the record.

In these instances, the ASO should send a request to GSAMSO@gsa.gov and provide the following information to request a record deletion:

  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Any known changes in the applicant’s name that may have resulted in the creation of the duplicate record
  • Screenshot of the message received when the ASO attempted to mark the record for deletion.

Agencies can request a copy of the USAccess Duplicate Record Deletion policy by emailing GSAMSO@gsa.gov.


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