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Two Days Left to Make a Record of your FPDS Ad Hoc Reports

At the end of this week, on October 17, 2020, the FPDS reports module will retire and beta.SAM.gov will be the only place to create and run reports on contract data. What should you do NOW? 

In advance of the soft launch, the IAE migrated ad hoc reports that were created in FPDS up to  January 31, 2020 to the new tool.  If you created ad hoc reports in FPDS any time after February 1, 2020, those reports were not converted and will not be available in beta.SAM.gov, unless you recreate them in the new reports tool. 

Either way, we recommend you use the steps below to make a record of your ad hoc reports in FPDS before October 17, 2020 so you have it for future reference.

a. Log in to www.FPDS.gov

b. Select Ad Hoc Reports to load the ad hoc page. 

c. Select Personal Folder to load your ad hoc reports in the right upper panel. 

d. Find the ad hoc report you would like to recreate and select it. 

e. After the ad hoc report appears in the right lower panel, select Edit to open the Create Report page. 

f. Take screenshots to capture the information, such as attribute names, filters, rankings, layout, etc. 

g. Use these screenshots as a reference for recreating your ad hoc report in beta.SAM.gov. 

h. Repeat from step d to create a record of any additional ad hoc reports.

If you created and ran ad hoc reports in FPDS.gov on or before January 31, 2020, these reports are available in beta.SAM.gov, provided that they were able to be automatically converted. 

You can go to beta.SAM.gov now to access converted reports in your beta.SAM.gov account. Note that the email address used on FPDS.gov must be the same address used for your beta.SAM.gov account for you to access the converted ad hoc reports.

Be sure to log into beta.SAM.gov to check for ad hoc reports you created before January 31, 2020. Use the steps above to document any FPDS ad hoc reports you need to recreate or edit before the report tool on FPDS.gov is retired on October 17, 2020.


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