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FPDS Reports Transition Oct 17: New Training Videos for Ad Hoc Reports and How to Find Reports Migrated from FPDS.gov to beta.SAM.gov

In less than one month, the FPDS reports module will retire and beta.SAM.gov will be the only place to create and run reports on contract data. Starting on October 17, 2020, beta.SAM.gov will be the place to use static, standard, administrative, and ad hoc contract data reports.

Experienced reports users will see that the core data of static, standard, and administrative reports in beta.SAM.gov has not changed. However, the tool used to create ad hoc reports is different. To help ease the change, we have worked with users throughout the federal government and industry to develop and hone training resources. In addition to the videos, reference guides, and FAQs we have shared in prior blogs, we also have a video series dedicated to using ad hoc reporting tools in beta.SAM.gov, starting with this first video here.

For users who created and ran ad hoc reports in FPDS.gov before January 31, 2020, we converted these reports and made them available in beta.SAM.gov. You can access converted reports in your beta.SAM.gov account. Note that the email address used on FPDS.gov must be the same address used for your beta.SAM.gov account in order to access the converted ad hoc reports. If you created ad hoc reports in FPDS after January 31, 2020, those reports have not been converted and will have to be recreated in beta.SAM.gov using the steps below.

The automated FPDS ad hoc conversion may have not converted all your FPDS ad hoc reports successfully. Use the steps below if you would like to document your FPDS ad hoc reports before the report tool on FPDS.gov is retired on October 17, 2020, so you can recreate them in beta.SAM.gov.

Log in to ​​​www.fpds.gov​.

  1. Click on ​Ad Hoc Reports ​to load the ad hoc page.
  2. Click on ​Personal Folder​ to load your ad hoc reports in the right upper panel.
  3. Find the ad hoc report you would like to recreate and click on it.
  4. After the ad hoc report appears in the right lower panel, click on ​Edit​ to open the Create Report​ page.
  5. Take screenshots to capture the information, such as attribute names, filters, rankings, layout, etc.
  6. Use these screenshots as a reference for recreating your ad hoc report in beta.SAM.gov.
  7. Repeat from step 3 to recreate any additional ad hoc reports.

The process of building beta.SAM.gov is a collaborative effort among the IAE team, our users, and our stakeholders. The development and deployment of beta.SAM.gov are managed under an agile framework, which enables our team to continually develop and update software to suit users' evolving needs. As with all transitions, past and future, the process is iterative; what we transition on day one is not the end. We continue to improve, refine, and add capabilities to each functional area and we continue to make beta.SAM.gov more user friendly and less burdensome.

  • Test out the system and let us know how it’s going.
  • Go to beta.SAM.gov, browse the site, and try out the capabilities.
  • Use the help section on beta.SAM.gov (the Learning Center).
  • Keep up to date on the latest news and information regarding the transition of IAE systems by subscribing to our IAE Interact Community.
  • Provide your comments and suggestions using the Feedback button on beta.SAM.gov.

If you experience any technical issues, please contact the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov.


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