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FPDS Reports Transition Oct 17: What are the Differences Between Standard and Ad Hoc Contract Data Reports

Contract data reports capabilities are transitioning from FPDS.gov to beta.SAM.gov on October 17, 2020. At that time, the FPDS reports module will retire and beta.SAM.gov will be the only place to create and run reports on contract data.  All users should take advantage of this time to become familiar with the reports functions in beta.SAM.gov now, before the transition is final.  

Let’s take a moment to discuss the differences between and features of standard contract data reports and ad hoc contract data reports in beta.SAM.gov. If you are not yet familiar with the beta.SAM.gov Data Bank, please view our video on standard, static, and administrative reports to get oriented to finding reports on the site.

Standard reports have already been configured to answer some of the most common questions about contract data. For example, the Contractor Search report allows you to search for contract actions and dollars awarded to a particular contractor. The date range is configurable, and the report can be limited by which federal departments or agencies awarded the contracts.

Here are some of the most popular standard reports:

Small Business Achievements by Awarding Organization Report: Displays the dollars, actions, and percentages for small business contracts by awarding agency.

Small Business Goaling Report: Displays the dollars, actions, and percentages for small business contracts by funding agency.

Contract Detail Report: Provides the complete contractual data for a specified Procurement Instrument Identifiers (PIID).

Federal Contract Actions and Dollars: Displays the federal contract actions and dollars for a specified date signed range.

Contractor Search: Shows total actions and dollars for a given contractor.

If there’s a standard report you use regularly, you can mark it as a favorite by clicking the star next to the report name. To see your favorite reports, just check the box for favorites under the report type. 

You can also save criteria for a standard report. For example, if you want to run the Federal Contract Actions and Dollars report for a specific federal organization or contracting region, you can save those criteria before running the report, then use those saved criteria next time instead of reentering them. 

If there isn’t a standard report that meets your needs, you may want to learn about ad hoc reporting, which provides more flexibility. If you’re not sure what ad hoc reporting is, or if it’s something you could benefit from using, please watch this introductory video.

Ad hoc reporting on beta.SAM.gov is largely the same as it was on FPDS.gov, but the beta.SAM.gov interface is new and there are some expanded features of the new ad hoc reporting tool. This FPDS Reports Before and After Guide will help orient users familiar with FPDS reporting tools find the same functionalities on beta.SAM.gov. New and experienced ad hoc reports users may also wish to view this series of videos, starting with this first tutorial video, that will walk you through the essential features and functions of the new ad hoc reporting tool.

If you have any technical issues with the beta.SAM.gov site, please contact the Federal Service Desk at fsd.gov. As always, feel free to provide feedback on the site by using the feedback tool located near the bottom of the beta.SAM.gov homepage. 


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