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    GSA is working closely with internal and external stakeholders to bring the first two Polaris Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to industry soon. In preparation for the upcoming solicitations, GSA considered industry questions and comments to help finalize and clarify the language in the RFPs. Attached are answers, clarifications, and updates to the RFPs since the last RFP drafts and Interact postings. GSA appreciates your continued engagement.
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    Executive Order (EO) 14028 Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity presents requirements that could have major impacts on the resources of industry partners, specifically small businesses, and GSA would like to know the challenges that industry will face in supporting and implementing
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    Thank you for sharing the slides. Looking for the Q&A response, can you provide a link? Cannot find.
    Thank you for your interest in Polaris. FAQs will be posted once available.
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    The Polaris team is pleased to share the updated draft of the solicitation submission instructions and evaluation criteria (Sections L and M). Substantial feedback was received to the draft RFP issued in December 2020. That feedback, along with recent customer and industry discussions, was used to make beneficial updates to the solicitation. The changes made will encourage maximum participation by small businesses, emphasize customer requirements, and reduce barriers to entry for small businesses.
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    At the Professional Services Council meeting October 14, 2021 GSA was asked a question could a offeror use the same corporate experience as a prime and a subcontractor in the same pool, GSA was unsure of the answer and said they need to publish a table...Read More
    The updated DRFP is very clear in the usage of Relevant Experience and how it can be used, however, the subject of certifications was not addressed. Will the Government allow a single CMMI LVL 3 certification, for example, to be used more than once...Read More
    Please provide all questions and comments to polaris@gsa.gov. We have gathered over 1,500 comments. We are reviewing this information to ensure the final RFP language is clear and concise.
    Hello. We ask that the vendor community receive a preview of the attachments so we can prepare for the solicitation release prior to the actual release. As a small business we really need to start preparing to address all components of the response and...Read More
    Hello, All attachments will be include in the final RFP release. Thank you for your interest in Polaris.
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