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There has been a veritable tornado of activity:   With ASTRO anticipated to be released somewhere around August 19th, many of our Industry Partners are wondering where the solicitation will be posted and what training events will take place.  Navigating this journey is as simple as following the yellow brick road!

Where does the yellow brick road to excitement begin?  The ASTRO IDIQ will be posted on the Government Point of Entry, which is now Beta.SAM.Gov.  This posting will direct you to the ASTRO Symphony Portal (ASP) which is the platform you will use for submitting your solicitation.  The link to the ASP will be provided at a later date.

What is the ASP?:  The ASTRO Symphony Portal is the innovative solicitation submission tool being utilized for the ASTRO IDIQ solicitation.  The ASP is painstakingly designed to make your proposal submission as easy and error free as possible to save everyone involved time and money. 

The ASP is hard at work developing training materials and videos to prepare you for the exciting launch of the ASTRO IDIQ!  As we get closer to launch time, short videos are being added to get you ready.

Don’t be a cowardly lion:While the ASP will not be ready for registration until the launch of the solicitation, there are several things you can do to prepare for ASTRO.

  1. UPDATE AND VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION in the System for Award Management (SAM) - Make sure your Scarecrow and Tin Man Points of Contacts are updated as well:   ALL of this is required for Symphony registration, so take this time to get your representations and certifications squared away and ready for registration.
  2. WATCH the Virtual Training Videos:  We did away with the flying monkeys and instead unleashed a wave of training videos leading up to the August release of the solicitation and have prepared videos for the following:

Registration - Registration will be available when the solicitation launches.



Login - How to Login to the ASP



MFA - Multi Factor Authentication Guidance



Inquiry - How to use the Q&A functionality



User Management - How to manage Symphony users.



We will follow up with updates here on Interact with links to the following upcoming videos:

  • Symphony Overview
  • Adding a Meaningful Relationship Commitment Letter (MRCL)
  • Adding Team Members
  • Adding Relevant Experience project documentation
  • Adding Past Performance documentation
  • Adding required documents for Other Business Factors
  • Submitting your Proposal


What else will be on the Yellow Brick Road?

Remember, the communication from the ASTRO Program Office gets shut down and formalized once the solicitation is released.  Until that happens, however, be prepared for LOTS of Interact Posts to include:

  • Updated Draft Sections L, M, and scorecards
  • It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Can Prove
  • An In Depth Look at Data Operations
  • An In Depth Look at Mission Operations
  • An In Depth Look at Training


Have other topics you’d like to hear about?  Let us know at astro@gsa.gov

What is at the end of the yellow brick road?:  ASTRO!!

August 19- is our planned go live date with live training to happen in the weeks immediately following launch.

August 24- Live On-Line Demo and Q&A with the ASP team

August 31- Live On-Line Demo and Q&A with the ASP team

The ASTRO team is excited to launch our new IDIQ and partner with the best of the best industry partner community.  Stay tuned for more information and future updates on the ASTRO interact community.


Now click your heels and say it with me… “There’s no place like ASTRO… There’s no place like ASTRO… There’s no place like ASTRO!!!”

 Please reach out to us at astro@gsa.govand have a great ASTRO day!

Todd and Team

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