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MAS Catalogue Update Required to Complete Phase 2 of MAS Consolidation

MAS Catalogue Update Required to Complete Phase 2 of MAS Consolidation

MAS industry partners are reminded to take the 2nd step of the two step process for fully migrating your contracts to the new MAS program : To update your GSA Advantage catalog to match the new MAS by October 1, 2020.   If you do not update your GSA Advantage catalog to MAS in SIP or EDI  you are at risk of having your offerings removed from eTools!. If you do not update your catalog file to the new consolidated MAS structure in accordance with MAS Mass Mod A812 by October 31, 2020, your catalog will be removed from GSA Advantage.!  To avoid removal of your catalog, industry is advised to take the steps outlined here as soon as you sign the MAS Mass Mod (A812) .   Please direct questions regarding catalog migrations to the new MAS structure, to the Vendor Support Center: 877-495-4849.  Additionally, industry  is invited to participate in the following upcoming Mass Mod Training sessions to learn more about the Phase 2 and GSA Advantage catalog requirements, and get questions answered by our MAS experts. 


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