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ASTRO Bid Pricing - Here is the Current Plan

ASTRO Anticipates Leading The Charge For Unpriced Civilian IDIQS!


GREAT NEWS!  It has been a long time coming, but it should soon be here!!!  GSA’s Industry Partners and supporting associations have long sought the ability for IDIQ contracts to be awarded without consideration of price as an evaluation factor in favor of the common understanding that price will always be considered at the Task Order level.  Recent changes to law are now making that desire a possible reality!

GSA, FEDSIM, and the ASTRO Procurement Team Daring to be Innovators!  The ASTRO team, who are the authors and creators of the well-known and often imitated point-based, Highest Technically Rated with Fair and Reasonable Pricing source selection methodology, have long championed a move to unpriced IDIQs.  With the recent change to law, the GSA Senior Procurement Executive and FEDSIM Management are working hard to implement a waiver that would allow ASTRO to become the first unpriced civilian IDIQ in history!  So the concept evolves from Highest Technically Rated with Fair and Reasonable Pricing to simply Highest Technically Rated with pricing to be established at the task order level.  The best part of all this?  IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!!!

If ASTRO is unpriced, what does this mean to you as a potential Offeror?  Less work!  Everything else will stay the same with regards to Relevant Experience, Past Performance, and Other Business Factors, but you will not be required to submit any kind of pricing or cost information in your proposal. 

Does this affect the number of awards to be made?  No. The ASTRO solicitation will establish the requirement to be amongst the highest scoring 45 Offerors in each Pool to be considered as qualified offerors for award.

In case you couldn’t tell, we think this is a WONDERFUL development for both Government and Industry and would love to hear your input on the subject.  Please reach out to us at astro@gsa.govand have a great ASTRO day!

Todd and Team

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Todd & Team - this would be great. Would definitely help on the resource side of developing a bid response. Can you provide an update for Final RFP release?
Hi Will, thank you so much for the pricing update! Our team is excited about the opportunity to work on this bid. The last few blog posts mention that there are more draft documents coming/more updates were to follow regarding solicitation documents. Does the ASTRO team have an anticipated date for when new solicitation documents may be released? Do they still anticipate releasing the final solicitation in Q4?
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