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Tips for Submitting Projects For Review

Hello ASTRO Community!

Thank you to those who are submitting projects like we requested.  We feel this has been very beneficial to Industry and Government alike.  We have noticed some things and fielded some questions around what needs to be submitted to validate scope and/or scoring elements, so we wanted to provide some guidance on the subject.

Tip #1:

Submit complete Statements of Work (SOW).  Technically, you are only required to submit excerpts of documentation sufficient to validate scope or scoring elements claimed.  However, we strongly recommend that you err on the side of sending a complete SOW versus just excerpts.  Why?  Because what happens if the evaluation team does not agree with your reference?  If all you submit is an excerpt, the evaluation team has nothing else to search through to try to validate the element, so you are guaranteed to lose those points or have that project deemed unqualified for a Pool.  Do you really want to take that chance?

Tip #2:

IDIQ SOWs versus task order SOWs.  All Offerors need to understand that IDIQ SOWs do NOT validate work performed.  Offerors need to submit task order SOW in order to validate work performed.  An IDIQ SOW identifies what work may be possible, but it does not identify what work was actually performed. 

Tip #3:

Different contracting organizations use different contractual approaches.  Offerors need to understand that the ASTRO team needs to see the documentation that actually identifies the work being performed.  Accordingly, if you have a project that is a task order under an IDIQ contract, we need to see the task order statement of work.  If you have a task order that issues work through technical directions (or some other work management mechanism), we need to see the technical directions.  If you have a contract where work is authorized through modifications, we need to see the modifications.  If you have a contract or task order that identifies potential work as options, we need to see that the option is exercised.  In some cases, we will need to see the “Governing” documentation as well as the “Executing” documentation.  Bottom line, scoring elements can only be validated with proof that the work was actually performed or specifically detailed that it will be performed.  Failure to do so will result in point deductions or exclusion of an entire project.

Tip #4:                                                                          

Use extreme caution when referencing “background” or “client mission” paragraphs in a SOW as validation of scoring elements.  Generally speaking, background sections are worthless in validating anything about what you are doing on a given project.  Point us to taskings or actual work performance, not what the history of the agency is.  A keyword search match on a word in ASTRO Section C is not grounds for validation.

Tip #5:

SOWs are not the only official documentation!  The ASTRO team kindly reminds everyone that deliverables, such as monthly status reports that have been accepted by the Government, can serve as documentation for scope and scoring elements.  So if something is not specifically mentioned in a SOW, try searching through “other” documents to see if you can find validation!

Tip #6:

We’ve received many questions regarding what we will and what we will NOT accept in a letter from a contracting officer for validation purposes.  We WILL accept signed contracting officer certification on fact-based matters like dollar amount, dates, locations, etc.  We will NOT accept any subjective information like scope or functional factor performance.  Why?  Because we, as evaluators, must maintain consistent evaluation standards across all proposals.  Accordingly, we cannot simply assume a contracting officer not on the ASTRO team reads and interprets subjective matters the same way that we do.  If you are uncertain if an item can be validated by a contracting officer, please ask us and send an example.


Stay tuned for a series of blogs here on Interact providing further updates to the draft solicitation; scoring; questions and answers; and a host of other things! 

Please have a great ASTRO Day!!!

Todd and Team

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