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Cloud Information Center Enhancement

  Cloud Information Center


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Since its original rollout on GSA’s Acquisition Gateway in April 2019, the Cloud Information Center has evolved into a modern, one-stop shop for everything government cloud. It is now hosted on the Federalist publishing platform and styled using the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) to deliver more value to stakeholders than ever before. 


Digital Experience Enhancement

The enhanced CIC follows the core user experience requirements set forth in the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, styling and organizing information so it is:

  • accessible and usable
  • based around user needs and tasks
  • consistent in appearance
  • securely hosted and connected
  • original, not duplicative
  • searchable
  • mobile-friendly

By embracing these user-centric design principles, the CIC will be more accessible to individuals with disabilities and better positioned to serve a wider audience. Thanks to Federalist and USWDS, it will be easier to update and add functionality. The CIC will continue to:

  • Educate federal, state and local government on the advantages of cloud adoption.
  • Assist in finding FedRAMP-authorized cloud products and IT professional services that enable them to achieve their missions.
  • Provide acquisition templates, sample documents, and other cloud resources.
  • Actively guide government entities through the cloud lifecycle phases of planning, acquisition, implementation and operation.

If you are a cloud stakeholder who is interested in contributing to the CIC, making suggestions for additions to the resource, listing your cloud contract vehicle or otherwise improving to its comprehensiveness and accuracy, the GSA Cloud Team would love to hear from you. 

Email cloudinfo@gsa.gov to share your feedback and suggestions about the Cloud Information Center or to reach a cloud subject matter expert.


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NEW.... the GSA Cloud Information Center hosted on the Federalist!  Get answers to your cloud questions! Federal government users can conduct market... More

This Information Hub:


  • Explains what Cloud Computing is and the benefits of federal cloud adoption 


  • Provides cloud computing best practices, guidance and acquisition templates 


  • Assists Government users conduct market research on cloud service providers


  • Supports the cloud adoption journeys of all Government agencies through direct GSA customer support!



For information about getting on GSA Schedules or general direct cloud support (for agencies or vendors), contact the GSA Cloud Acquisition Team at Cloudinfo@gsa.gov.
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