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Contract Data Reports Transition Extension

In light of current events, we're extending the transition period to give you more time to try out the new Contract Data reports in beta.SAM.gov.

FPDS.gov remains the authoritative source for reports data, and we’ll determine a new, final transition date later in 2020. Only the reports function of FPDS.gov report is transitioning--the rest of FPDS.gov will remain in place.

During this extended time period when reports are available in both places, we encourage all users to become familiar with contract data reports in beta.SAM.gov. Make sure to create and run reports in beta.SAM.gov and let us know what you think. To help ease the transition we have training videos, reference guides, and FAQs.

Once you try the new reports tool, you’ll start to see the benefits built into beta.SAM.gov:

● Increased maximum number of rows returned from 30,000 to 150,000 rows in each report 

● Increased maximum number of years of reportable data from 5 years to 12 years 

● Additional data fields available for creating ad hoc reports 

● Tools to easily share your ad hoc report structure, such as attributes and filters, with others 

● Provision of the Report Builder — a “wizard” to help create a new ad hoc report 

● Intuitive tools to build, save, and share your reports

We appreciate your feedback and support in the process of building beta.SAM.gov. It’s been a truly collaborative effort among the IAE team, our users, and our stakeholders, and this collaboration continues as we transition reports capabilities from FPDS. We got the feedback that you needed more time, and we hope you’ll continue telling us what you think and what you need every step of the way. 

Go to beta.SAM.gov, browse the site, and try out the capabilities 

Use the help section on beta.SAM.gov (the Learning Center

Provide your comments and suggestions using the feedback button on beta.SAM.gov

If you need technical support, contact the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov


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