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eSRS and FSRS Users Now Need Login.gov Account

The IAE is implementing a change to the way people login to eSRS.gov and FSRS.gov. By the end of April 2020, all eSRS and FSRS users will need a login.gov account in order to use these systems.

If you do not have a login.gov account, you need to create a login.gov account to access eSRS.gov and FSRS.gov by the end of April 2020. You only need to do this once. Go to login.gov, enter an email address and use the same email address you used for eSRS.gov or FSRS.gov. 

Using the same email address allows eSRS.gov and FSRS.gov to link your login.gov account to your existing profile. If a different email address is provided on login.gov, your account will not be connected to your current eSRS.gov or FSRS.gov profile. You must also have a working phone number (mobile or landline). Login.gov will send you a security code as part of multifactor authentication. Government users may use their CAC/PIV cards for authentication. Organizations will no longer be able to use one account for multiple users; login.gov requires individual accounts only. 

If you already have a login.gov account, check the email address associated with it. If your current login.gov account matches the email address associated with your eSRS.gov or FSRS.gov account, you are ready for the new login process. Otherwise, you will need to create a new login.gov account using the email you use for eSRS or FSRS.

You can read our fact sheet about the addition of login.gov here.  If you need login-specific assistance, please review the help section of login.gov. For all other issues, continue to contact the Federal Service Desk at www.fsd.gov or by telephone at 866-606-8220 (toll free) or 334-206-7828 (internationally).


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