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Return of Break/Fix-provided Routers & Laptops after Successful Replacement

As part of equipment replacement and Break/Fix Processes for USAccess Credentialing Units (CU), Agencies are to return their original Routers and Laptops after establishing successful operations with newly-provided replacement equipment.

Shipping labels for the Sites' original equipment are included in the Break/Fix packages (note: if Agency Sites have misplaced these provided labels/packages, please email USAccess.Helpdesk@perspecta.com with Site POC and Address information, and new labels/packages will be provided free of charge). Sites are asked to reuse the same packaging and ship the original equipment back within 48 hours of resuming successful CU operations. 

Note: the MSO is in the process of assigning a charge for agencies holding onto USAccess equipment; if you do not return your Sites' old equipment in the near future, your agency could be charged for the corresponding amount in the field.


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