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USAccess 90 Day Login Requirement

As previously communicated in USAccess Release 17.0 Release Notices and agency communications, role holder access to the USAccess system is now logged to align with NIST Control AC-2(3). The 90 day lockout rule addresses a long standing deficiency in system user account management that has been flagged in a number of security audits. Role holders that have not logged in to USAccess for more than 90 consecutive calendar days will receive a message that their account is locked. The system will be collecting a running count of consecutive days of inactivity, then terminate on the 90th day. It takes the necessary action when the count reaches 90 and the user will then need to contact a Role Administrator to unlock the account. 


The Agency Role Administrator must then log in to the Roles Admin Portal and reset the role holder’s account. (Note: As long as a user logs into the USAccess portals with one role, their account will not be locked. They do not need to log into the system with each role if they are assigned multiple roles. The new system rule does not affect role assignments).


Users of the SIP interface will not be affected by the 90 day lockout rule as SIP is a system-to-system interface that participates in mutual authentication with downstream applications. Role holders never log into SIP. The 90 day lockout rule is tied to an individual’s ability to authenticate with their credential in to USAccess.


This new rule was implemented on December 14, 2019 with Release 17.0, and suspension for USAccess accounts not logged on for more than 90 days will begin to be reported March 13, 2020, initiating system lockout for affected accounts thereafter. Please proactively communicate with your Agency role holders to ensure that they log in to USAccess to avoid being locked out. You should also provide instructions to contact the Agency Role Administrator in the event of a system lock out.


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