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A Single Place for FBO Transition Information

If you are a regular here on the IAE space on Interact and if you follow us closely, you probably are aware that we post a vast amount of information about what we’re doing - both regarding our current (or “legacy” systems) and about beta.SAM.gov and the systems that we transition.  We post this material in a variety of areas and in multiple ways.


Much of our news ends up here on Interact, posted in date order (as things happen or prepare to happen).  We post significant amounts of information on the IAE pages of GSA.gov (at GSA.gov/IAE).  And we post information in the Learning Center on beta.SAM.gov.  As beta.SAM.gov becomes more robust in the near future, we will begin to consolidate information about the new system and the transitions there.

In the meantime, we wanted to be sure that our users know that there is a good amount of information online, available to you at any time that can help you with all of the changes going on at beta.SAM.gov, including the recent transition of FBO.gov.

With that in mind, we have created a list of materials (webinars, blog posts, how-to videos, etc) that we think users will find helpful, and we’ve put that list in one, single location on GSA.gov/IAE.  

If you have any questions about beta.SAM.gov or about the FBO.gov transition (what we call “contract opportunities” in beta.SAM.gov), be sure to check out our consolidated list of information that’s ready for you to view.

As always, the Federal Service Desk stands by at FSD.gov, ready to assist with any technical issues you may have with any of the IAE systems, including beta.SAM.gov.


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