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Changes Coming to Product Service Codes (PSC)

Coming in March, GSA’s Integrated Award Environment will incorporate revisions to Product Service Codes (PSCs). PSCs represent the products, services, and research and development items purchased by the federal government that are used in collecting and analyzing federal procurements.


Beginning on March 17, 2020, the following PSC changes will take effect:


There will be a new PSC category to define Ship Husbanding Services PSCs:  “M2—Operation of Ships, Small Crafts, Pontoons and Floating Docks.”


New PSCs are being added to the M2 category series for Ship Husbanding Services and they are as follows: 


M2AA—Husbanding Services—Communications Services

M2AB—Husbanding Services—Force Protection

M2AC—Husbanding Services—Removal Services

M2AD—Husbanding Services—Material Handling

M2AE—Husbanding Services—Purchasing Services

M2AF—Husbanding Services—Incidental Services

M2BA—Husbanding Services—Transportation Services

M2BB—Husbanding Services—Fuel Services

M2BZ—Husbanding Services—Other Port Services

M2CA—Ship Husbanding Services—Management/Integration Service


There also will be a new PSC category added for the Q9 Medical Services category: “Q901 Aseptic Housekeeping Services.”


To reflect these new additions, PSC changes will be deployed throughout the IAE systems:

PSC tables will be updated with FPDS-NG Version [1.5.6] deployment (tentatively scheduled for March 16, 2020). 

Agency Contract Writing Systems can incorporate PSC changes following the FPDS-NG Version 1.5.2 deployment.

PSC Manual (available at FPDS.gov → Worksite → PSC Manual) will be updated to reflect these changes (March 17, 2020).

PSC tables will be updated with SAM.gov deployment (March 28, 2020).  Entities will be able to select from the updated PSCs following that deployment.

PSC application program interface (API) provides 3rd party applications access to the PSC codes updates, and is available (March 16, 2020) at: https://beta.sam.gov/data-services to accommodate back-end database updates.  


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