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EXPRESS 2020 Open Season


As a result of your input regarding the impacts of the MAS Consolidation on Open Season, we have adjusted the Open Season timeline. Attached you will find our updated timelines. As you are likely aware, there are two important updates that will be made during this Open Season.

1. SB GOALS: We are allowing all BPA holders to propose updated SB goals. We will negotiate as needed, and finalize them as part of the Open Season modification. The attachment entitled Small Business Goals Update is provided as advance guidance for planning purposes.

2. Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA) Agreements: We are providing the attachment entitled EXPRESS Contractor Team Arrangements to assist you in putting together your team’s CTA. Please note that in the past most have been submitted as several documents, each being between the prime and individual team member, and were structured much like a subcontractor agreement. This guidance attempts to clarify that a GSA Teaming Arrangement agreement is intended to be one document signed by all parties on the team.

We are in the process of finalizing updates to the attachments based upon the MAS Consolidation and expect to provide those in a Newsblast on the date in the timelines provided.

As you are aware, we have begun working with the Industry Working Group to address program concerns. We are very excited this new format and already have several items that we hope to collaborate on in the near future.


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