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Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Task Order Unique CLINs (TUCs) Guidance

This white paper updates a document discussing TUC and ICB CLINs posted on Interact in June 2015.  The whitepaper addresses EIS Task Order Unique CLINs (TUCs).  TUCs are a type of CLIN included in the EIS contract in order to more efficiently accommodate agency-specific requirements. TUCs are used to define and price services that are not defined and priced on the EIS contract, but without requiring a contract modification. This enables contractors and agencies to handle agency-specific requirements in a streamlined fashion that requires minimal coordination with GSA at the contract level.  The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide additional information on what TUCs are and how they should be used. 
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The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More

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