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FBO.gov Has Retired: Contract Opportunities Available in beta.SAM.gov

FBO.gov (Federal Business Opportunities) retired last week, and its key functionalities have transitioned into beta.SAM.gov. All the things users used to do in FBO.gov can now be done in beta.SAM.gov under ‘Contract Opportunities.’

GSA’s Integrated Award Environment (IAE) recently managed 10 separate award systems that each played a role in the award life cycle. GSA is in the process of retiring those systems and transitioning them to beta.SAM.gov. So far, the three legacy systems that have transitioned are WDOL.gov, CFDA.gov, and now FBO.gov. SAM.gov is the next legacy system scheduled to transition. Once it does, “beta” will drop from beta.SAM.gov, and the beta site will become the new SAM.gov where all remaining legacy systems will be consolidated.  

Users who go to FBO.gov as of this moment will be redirected to beta.SAM.gov.

Once there, users will experience a number of significant improvements, including:

The ability to search for opportunities by number, keyword, agency, or location for more precise results (including easy-to-use search filters)

A Learning Center with videos, FAQs, a glossary, and quick start guides

Additional capabilities such as saving searches, downloading search results and accessing the workspace - after creating a beta.SAM.gov user account 

The option to access previous versions of opportunity notices and other acquisition related notices with one click

The ability to follow notices, with a simple click, to notify when contract opportunities are updated and a tool to manage the frequency of the notifications

A unified user experience across beta.SAM.gov with common features such as login, search, workspace, data services, and reports. A consistent design and layout makes navigating a repeatable and intuitive process. 

For more information about beta.SAM.gov, please visit the site’s Learning Center or download the beta.SAM.gov information kit from GSA.gov/IAE.

For more information specifically about contract opportunities in beta.SAM.gov, visit the Learning Center Library. In the Library, you can search for FAQ’s by selecting “Contract Opportunities” and “FAQs” or by clicking here: Contract Opportunities and FAQs. You also can find how-to videos in the Library be selecting “Contract Opportunities” and “Videos” or by clicking here: Contract Opportunities and Videos.

For technical assistance with any of the IAE systems, please contact the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov.


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