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Photo Capture Guidelines

Registrars are reminded to consult the photo capture guidelines found in the Registrar Quick Reference Guide posted here to ensure that applicant photos meet the guidelines. The MSO is receiving feedback that some applicant photos are not meeting the specifications (e.g., using a background color other than blue, having a chair back or partial wall in the background of the photo, allowing the photo subject to smile). 

Here’s guidance to ensure photos meet the guidelines: Applicants should be sitting in front of a blue screen for their photo. They should be sitting up straight and looking straight at the camera while the Registrar takes the photo. They must have a neutral facial expression for the photo, where all facial muscles are in a relaxed state. No part of the face can be hidden or otherwise obscured by hair, or any type of head covering. Registrars may may need to raise or lower the camera tripod if the photo subject is either very tall or very small in stature.


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