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Best in Class (BIC) Designation: Maintenance Repair Facility Supplies (MRFS) BPA

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), with the support of the Government-wide Category Management Program Management Office, is pleased to announce the designation of Maintenance Repair Facility Supplies (MRFS)  as “Best in Class” (BIC). 

This designation is just the latest initiative around customer-centric tools, templates, and best practices that government-wide category management is undertaking to enable the Industrial Products and Services (IP&S) Category to:


  • Provide Transactional data
  • Improve requirements development, procurement and management
  • Partner strategically with industry
  • Reduce contract duplication
  • Foster cross-agency collaboratio Better understand category and sub-category markets
  • Seek deeper discounts on products


Please email us at mrfs@gsa.gov or visit www.gsa.gov/mrfs for more information. 



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The Maintenance/Repair and Facility Supplies is the follow-on vehicle for the original Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Federal Strategic... More
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