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Acquisition Update - Software Life Cycle Development

Hello Industry Partners, The Software Life Cycle Development (SLCD) acquisition team has been busy as we continue to make progress against acquisition milestones. The purpose of this post is to provide industry partners with a brief update. We hope it helps to assist with planning on your side.

First, the SLCD team has received all of your questions for Version 2 of the draft Task Order Request. We are fully considering the input we received from industry partners. Thank you for your questions and feedback. In the near term, the SLCD team will respond to those questions. 

Second, the SLCD team is reviewing the early submittals of the Organizational Conflict of Interest Mitigations Plans.  The SLCD Senior Contracting Officer will respond to each industry partner in the coming weeks. 

Finally, our goal is to release additional schedule information to industry partners during the month of October 2019. However, at this time, please plan for the release of the final solicitation in the late October/November timeframe.

Thank you for your continued interest.


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