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GSA Adds 10 Contractors to OASIS Unrestricted Pool 2

On September 5, 2019, GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories added, also known as “on-ramped,”  10 new vendors to the OASIS Unrestricted (U) Pool 2 contract, bringing the pool size to a total of 35 contractors.

The services solicited under the OASIS U Pool 2 on-ramp included: financial services such as certified accountants, tax preparation services, payroll services, research and development in the social sciences and humanities, and other accounting services.  

This OASIS U Pool 2 on-ramp was conducted to increase participation, expand competition, and ensure a deep and experienced pool of best-in-class industry partners is available for federal agency acquisition professionals’ use. You can find the award notification and awardee information on FedBizOpps

OASIS has helped agencies streamline their complex professional services acquisitions, ultimately enabling them to buy smarter and more efficiently, thus saving taxpayer dollars. OASIS U Pool 2 has already generated approximately $307 million in obligations since 2014,  and this new on-ramp is intended to expand its use. 

As a Tier 3 Best-in-Class contract, providing solutions for complex professional services requirements, OASIS also helps agencies meet their governmentwide spend under management goals.

For more information see GSA.govIf you have any questions or comments, please email OASIS@gsa.gov


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