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GSA Continues Its Effort To Be More Transparent - Help Us Do Better By Taking a Short Survey

With just a few weeks left till the completion of the GSA eBuy Pilot - we wanted to remind you of the goal of the pilot and share a  an update. As you’re probably aware, this is a year-long testing of the benefits of additional transparency for GSA funded procurements, specifically government-wide IDIQ contract vehicles. Normally, IDIQ opportunities are only visible to those contractors eligible to compete for orders - not the general public. As we state in our FAQ for the pilot, “current data indicates that using eBuy results in greater competition with minimal additional effort. The pilot will enable GSA to analyze whether expanded transparency of eBuy RFQs retains current benefits while increasing interest in the use of GSA contracts - thereby further increasing competition”. 

GSA is hopeful that this increased transparency will result in an increase of new entrants into its acquisition programs and further increasing competition at the order level.

How Are Things Progressing

We have a total of 35 awards to date under the pilot and expect to see more before the end of the fiscal year. We’ve also made it easier for you to locate eBuy pilot award notices posted to FBO by maintaining acurrent list on its gsa.gov/ebuy webpage.

How You Can Help

GSA took this deliberate approach to analyze the benefits of providing industry with a public view of its internal opportunities. GSA is interested in hearing from you after viewing these business opportunities.

Please take a short survey after reviewing the list of eBuy award notices in this spreadsheet. Completing this survey should take only one or two minutes. Your invaluable feedback will help GSA determine whether transparency is beneficial and whether GSA should consider increasing this transparency.

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