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GSA opens category management dashboards to industry; Professional Services Category outlines how they can be used to strengthen collaboration

In an ongoing effort to partner with industry on category management and help agencies buy smarter and more efficiently, GSA has made three category management dashboards that were previously “federal only” open to industry as well.  
Originally designed as tools just for the federal acquisition workforce, the dashboards layer category management taxonomy (like categories of spend and contract vehicle tiers) in a way that provides context to how government is using data to be a better steward of taxpayer dollars. The dashboards are:
  • The Schedule Sales Query offers searchable and filterable reported sales all the way from FY 1991 to present. In this version, the user has the ability to build their own report and view Multiple Award Schedules sales by fiscal year and quarter based on various level of details.
  • The Small Business Dashboard, a Data to Decisions (D2D) dashboard displaying small business related Federal Procurement Data System data for CFO Act Agencies from FY16 to present. The dashboard provides insight into small business obligations and actions. Data can be viewed by agency, category or best-in-class contract. This information can help determine whether a small business can fulfill an unmet small business utilization goal for the federal government.
  • The Contract Inventory Exploration Tool, a D2D dashboard displaying contract vehicle filterable by category, contract tier and associated agency. It is a starting point for research into what types of opportunities exist by contract across government.
According to the Professional Services Category (PSC), this information can make the framework more understandable and can be used by professional services providers to strengthen their opportunity pipeline for working with the federal government.  
To make that connection clearer,the category has launched an educational campaign to raise awareness of the dashboards and complementary market research tools including CALC and Discovery. The initiative is called the Supplier Success Strategies, because it emphasizes that success begins when government and industry can speak to the same information during the market research phase of procurement. PSC will hold webinars on these tools and dashboards in the coming months. Details will be shared on Interact and the Acquisition Gateway.  
Expect to see more previously federal-only dashboards made available to the public as PSHC continues to work with the Government-wide Category Management Program Management Office to find new ways to share important data. 
For more information see:
Questions? Contact Zachary Lerner, Supplier Relationship Manager at zachary.lerner@gsa.gov

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