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Please Read: End of Life Date Set for Legacy Equipment

The end-of-life date for legacy credentialing equipment is Friday, August 16, 2019. All legacy equipment (Light Credentialing Solution, legacy Light Activation using Cogent Fingerprint Scanners, legacy Fixed Activation/Enrollment stations operating with Cisco 891 routers) will no longer be able to connect to the USAccess system and perform credentialing activities after this date. This will also officially end the transition to the Core Services contract.

Please install and begin using the new Mobile Credentialing Units (MCUs) as soon as possible. Also, if your agency has yet to begin using the new Fixed Credentialing Units (FCUs), schedule a certification call with Perspecta as soon as possible to avoid any lapse in functionality at your sites by emailing the USAccess help desk at usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com. Agencies need to include the site POC name, site (include agency name, city and state), and a phone number when emailing the USAccess help desk. A USAccess deployment team member will contact the site to arrange a call.


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