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WDOL.gov Decommissioning Approved by IAE Governance: System Set to Transition to beta.SAM.gov on June 14, 2019

When it comes to building the new environment and transitioning our legacy systems into it, one of the most critical (and last) steps we take is to have our governance approve the transition.  We're pleased to announce that we have great news! The Integrated Award Environment has received approval from The Award Committee for E-Government and the Procurement Committee for E-Government to proceed with the plan to decommission Wage Determinations OnLine (WDOL.gov) on June 14, 2019. This will be the third legacy system IAE has decommissioned recently as we migrate its functionality and data into the new beta.SAM.gov. After June 13th, beta.SAM.gov will become the authoritative (or official) source for wage determinations.


To prepare for this decommission, we advise you to make note of your current WDOL.gov subscriptions so that you can re-create them in beta.SAM.gov. Your current wage determination subscriptions will not migrate automatically to beta.SAM.gov. When you log into your account on beta.SAM.gov, you can use a function called “follow” to resubscribe to your wage determinations and receive alerts when changes to those wage determinations occur.


For detailed steps on how to re-subscribe to your wage determination numbers in beta.SAM.gov please see our transition video at View Video.





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