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GSA has made it easier to submit a Professional Services Schedule Offer

Industry Partners: GSA has made it easier to submit a Professional Services Schedule Offer


GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories has streamlined the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) (OOCORP) solicitation. We think you’ll agree these changes result in a more efficient and modern way to do business, making it easier than ever for companies to submit an offer and work with the government.



A proposal checklist and administrative, technical and pricing templates, make it easier for industry partners to submit an offer.



The streamlined solicitation reduces the currently burdensome Technical and Pricing Requirement and only requires ONE (1) project experience per SIN instead of the previous two (2).



The streamlined solicitation supports the major Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) consolidation, which will modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and acquisition professionals.


Prospective offerors and current PSS contract holders who are entering their final contract option period will benefit from the streamlined PSS solicitation. The changes were effective April 2019.


Please leave any questions or feedback as a comment on this post or email professionalservices@gsa.gov. For more information about the PSS see GSA.gov Thank you for your continued partnership.


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