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Changes to the Product Service Codes (PSC)

The General Services Administration (GSA) Integrated Award Environment (IAE) will be implementing system changes to incorporate revisions to the Product Service Codes (PSCs). The PSCs describe the products, services, and research and development items purchased by the federal government, and are used in collecting and analyzing federal procurements.


PSC code D305 was revised with a new title, “IT AND TELECOM – TELEPROCESSING, TIMESHARE, CLOUD COMPUTING, AND HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING”.  The two new codes, PSC R616 - PHYSICAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICES and PSC R617 - ELECTRONIC RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICES, were created to provide federal agencies with codes to specifically identify spend on physical records management services and electronic records management services, respectively.


These PSC codes will be deployed May 19, 2019 in the System for Award Management (SAM), Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), and PSC application program interface (API) in beta.SAM.


To reduce the burden for PSC updates in agency’s award systems, IAE provides a PSC application program interface (API) with all of the PSC updates. The PSC API provides 3rd party applications access to the PSC codes and is available via https://beta.sam.gov/data-services to accommodate back-end database updates.  If agencies are not using the PSC API, agencies should plan resources to update their systems to reflect the PSC changes to keep PSC information in their systems current.  For those users unable to utilize the API application, IAE will also post an updated version of the PSC Manual and supporting documentation at https://www.acquisition.gov/PSC_Manual May 20, 2019.


For more information about the PSC change process, please go to https://www.acquisition.gov/PSC_Manual or email us at PSC-Codes@gsa.gov.



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