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Notification #2: Blue Top Distribution List to Transition to Federal and Agency-Approved Emails Only on June 13

Please note, beginning June 13, 2019, the Blue Top newsletter distribution list will be cleaned of all non-government email addresses that aren’t approved by an Agency Lead. This change is being implemented to improve security, ensure the legitimacy of recipients, and remove email bots that are currently subscribed.

If you are currently subscribed to the Blue Top newsletter with a federal email addresses (e.g., @gsa.gov; @usda.gov; @mail.mil; etc.), no action is required and you will continue to receive the newsletter each month.

However, if you are currently subscribed to the newsletter with a non-federal email address (e.g., @gmail.com; @yahoo.com; @yourcompany.com; etc.), you must subscribe with a federal email address before the June 13 newsletter. If you do not have access to a government email address and you would like to remain subscribed, please contact your Agency Lead for approval with the following information:

  • Name
  • Role
  • Contact List you would like to be on (Blue Top newsletter)
  • Agency Lead, please submit approved subscription requests to gsamso@gsa.gov

This is the second issue of Blue Top that has included this message. It will be published in one more issue before the new subscription parameters are put into effect for the June issue of the newsletter.


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