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Federal Users Can Now Use Their PIV/CAC To Log In To SAM.gov.

Federal users can now use their PIV/CAC to log in to SAM.gov. Users can still use the text/phone option if their PIV/CAC is unavailable. In order to enable this capability, federal users must follow a five-step process, detailed below:


1. Log in to SAM.gov using your email address, password, and code that you will receive from login.gov (this is the current method of logging in).

2. Once logged in, type www.login.gov into the browser.

3. Select ‘Manage account’ in the top right-hand corner.



4. The profile page will come up; select enable the “PIV/CAC card” option in the two-factor authentication section



5. Moving forward, instead of the screen for the one-time code, you will see “Present PIV/CAC Card.”

For questions or technical issues enabling the PIV/CAC credential system, please contact the Federal Service Desk at FSD.gov.


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