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Core Services Transition Update

The Core Services transition equipment deployment is set to conclude on March 31. This deployment includes Fixed Credentialing Unit (FCU), Mobile Credentialing Unit (MCU), and Light Activation (LA) equipment. Unless previously discussed with the MSO, all requests for equipment after March 31 will be treated as a new order and will be billed accordingly.

Please let the MSO know as soon as possible if your agency has remaining legacy equipment to transition. Legacy Fixed equipment was decommissioned by Release 15, and Legacy Light Credentialing Solution equipment is only able to complete enrollments after Release 15.

The MSO appreciates agency patience, cooperation and partnership during the transition as it was a very large-scale effort. This transition process began in early 2017 and has resulted in the installation of equipment that is more secure than the legacy equipment. As of March 11, 3,527 of 3,960 pieces of equipment have been transitioned (89 percent complete).


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