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IAE and beta.SAM.gov Modernization Update

Many of our followers here on Interact know that we have been working to modernize what once was the 10 (now eight) Integrated Award Environment systems. And by now, we hope most of you are aware that beta.SAM.gov is up and running and becoming more functional all the time. But you also may have recently seen a few news articles about upcoming changes to our remaining legacy sites and might even have heard some talk about what’s coming.


Let’s take a moment to tell you what we know so all of our users and stakeholders know what to expect.


It’s true that some exciting changes are coming to beta.SAM.gov - a few in fiscal year 2019 and others in fiscal year 2020 and beyond. Here’s what you can expect in the immediate future:

  • The transition of all the things you do today in WDOL.gov into beta.SAM.gov (moving ‘wage determinations’ into beta.SAM.gov) - Available now and replacing WDOL.gov in June 2019
  • Additional security (in the form of multi-factor authentication) in the way you register and sign in to beta.SAM.gov with the addition of Login.gov (similar to what we did to the current SAM.gov in 2018) - Available for testing in June 2019
  • The transition of all the things you do today in FBO.gov (moving ‘opportunities’ into beta.SAM.gov) - Coming in early FY2020. We’ll be conducting user testing in FY2019 and will have legacy FBO.gov ready for decommissioning in FY2020.

These are just some of the significant improvements coming to beta.SAM.gov, all in an effort to streamline the federal award process and to reduce burden on our users. More will follow after those.


Rest assured that long before anything happens to any of our systems, we always will notify you well in advance. As the time nears, you will be able to find the information you need in a variety of locations, including:

  • Here on Interact (make sure we have your up-to-date contact information)
  • Banner messages on the legacy sites (such as FBO.gov)
  • GSA social media (make sure you follow GSA’s Twitter and Facebook, among others)
  • Our IAE Industry Day webinars (make sure you’re registered for March 19)
  • www.GSA.gov/IAE

You will have plenty of time to take any and all steps you need to transition along with us as seamlessly as possible.


Also, watch this space in the coming weeks for a more detailed ‘roadmap’ that we will be sharing with you that will outline all of our plans through the entire modernization process.


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