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GSA Updates OASIS On-Ramp Milestones

GSA’s OASIS program is conducting a series of open season on-ramps to increase the industrial base on the OASIS Small Business (SB) and OASIS Unrestricted (UR) Pools 1, 3 and 4 and also establish 8(a) sub-pools under each OASIS SB Pool with task order history.


These OASIS on-ramps are designed to increase industry access to GSA Professional Services Best-in-Class contracts and help agencies achieve OMB mandated government-wide Spend Under Management goals by shifting unmanaged spend to existing Best-in-Class contracts. The on-ramps will also increase the industrial base to improve competition at the task order level.


The open season on-ramps are being conducted using a phased approach. The first of these on-ramps is already underway, with the OASIS SB Pool 1 final solicitation issued on September 10, 2018 and closed on November 13, 2018. Technical evaluations are currently underway with potential award notifications beginning in Q2 FY 19.


The next on-ramp will be the OASIS SB sub-pools for 8(a) contractors for Pools that have had previous task orders issued under OASIS SB. This solicitation is currently scheduled to be released in late January 2019 with proposals due in early April 2019.


OASIS Unrestricted Pools 1, 3 and 4 will follow the 8(a) sub-pools.


The OASIS on-ramp series will conclude with OASIS SB, Pools 3 and 4 later this year.


Listed below is our current schedule and anticipated milestones for the on-ramps. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change.



8(a) Open Season SubPools 1,2,3,4,5b & 6


Pool 1, 3, 4


Pool 3, 4,

Post Solicitation

Late January / Early February 2019

Late February 2019

Mid March 2019

Receive Industry Questions

Late February 2019

Late March 2019

Mid April 2019

Proposals Due

Early April 2019

Late April 2019

Mid May 2019

Award Notifications

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

Period of Performance Begins

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

Additional References related to the OASIS On-Ramps

Original OASIS Solicitations 2014:

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Questions? Email all questions to oasisSB@gsa.gov or oasis@gsa.gov respectively



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Will Vertical Solicitations for those graduating from SB to OASIS Unrestricted occur at the same time as the open-season on-ramps?
Stephanie Kenitzer
Vertical on-ramping will likely precede the open season On-Ramping for OASIS Unrestricted. We will continue to post updates on this Interact community.