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Industry Webinar: OASIS SB 8 (a) Pool On-Ramp

The OASIS Program will host an Industry Partner Briefing on January 14, 2019, to discuss the criteria for becoming an industry partner in the new 8(a) SB Sub-Pools to be added to OASIS Small Business pools 1, 2, 3, 4, 5b & 6.

Who should attend:

Small Businesses that will be SBA Certified as 8(a) at the closing of the OASIS SB 8(a) On-ramping solicitation and those who have past performance in the respective NAICS codes supporting OASIS SB Pools 1, 2, 3, 4, 5b & 6 and OASIS U Pools 1, 3 & 4.




Monday, January 14, 2019 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST

To register:

Copy and paste this link into your browser: https://meet.gsa.gov/e6fsw6zksb1s/event/registration.html

The OASIS SB 8(a) Subpool on-ramp solicitation is expected to be posted on Federal Business Opportunities by the end of January 2019.



Additional References related to the OASIS On-Ramps


To review the NAICS codes associated with each these Pools, visit this link:  




OASIS SB Pool 1 Solicitation 2018: OASIS SB Pool 1 Solicitation (closed; for reference only)

OASIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – posted to the landing page of OASIS website


Original OASIS Solicitations 2014:

OASIS Small Business Original Solicitation Documents

OASIS Small Business Original Solicitation Q&A


OASIS Unrestricted Original Solicitation Documents

OASIS Unrestricted Original Solicitation Q&A


For all future announcements on the OASIS acquisition vehicle, register to the OASIS Interact Community.

Questions: email all questions to oasisSB@gsa.gov



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I know you recently held a webinar for the 8(a) Open Season SubPools On-ramps. Do you anticipate having a webinar for the On-ramps for OASIS Unrestricted (UR) Pools 1, 3 and 4? If so, do you have an anticipated timeframe for the webinar? Thank you.
Stephanie Kenitzer
Thank you for your inquiry. At this time we do not have a firm timeframe for an industry webinar on the OASIS Unrestricted on-ramps. Any planned webinars will be announced in a timely manner via this Interact community.
Does the GSA intend to continue to use GACA for proposal submission for the upcoming OASIS on-ramps?
Where can we locate the Q&As discussed during the January 14 industry webinar? And when will they be posted?
Stephanie Kenitzer
The Q&A and slide deck will be posted in the OASIS Interact community shortly. We received several hundred questions and want to ensure we provide accurate and helpful responses. Thank you for your patience.
What is the anticipated date for release of the 8A Subpool RFP?
Stephanie Kenitzer
Please see the updated milestones for the OASIS on-ramps just posted on our Interact community. Reference: https://interact.gsa.gov/blog/gsa-updates-oasis-ramp-milestones Thank you.
Amy Fadida
What is the status of the OASIS SB On-Ramp for which proposals were submitted on November 13?