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    The GSA Cloud Acquisition Team refers to the National Institute of Standards andTechnology definitions as the gold standard for much of our work with cloud. The attached is a great resource to get started learning about cloud and to begin evaluating where your mission-enabling cloud needs lie.  
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NEW.... the GSA Cloud Information Center hosted on GSA's acquisition Gateway! For a video tour, click here. Get answers to your cloud questions!... More

This Information Hub:


  • Explains what Cloud Computing is and the benefits of federal cloud adoption 


  • Provides cloud computing best practices, guidance and acquisition templates 


  • Assists Government users conduct market research on cloud service providers


  • Supports the cloud adoption journeys of all Government agencies through direct GSA customer support!


Click here for a video tour of this new resource!

For information about getting on GSA Schedules or general direct cloud support (for agencies or vendors), contact the GSA Cloud Acquisition Team at 202-969-7113 or email Cloudinfo@gsa.gov.
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