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Revised Q&A Posted to FBO

The HCaTS Program released a draft solicitation notice on July 20, 2018, on Federal Business Opportunities to conduct an on-ramp to HCaTS Small Business Pool 1. This on-ramp is being conducted to increase participation and expand competition within HCaTS SB Pool 1. The HCaTS program plans to on-ramp approximately 30 new contractors with socio-economic status. The draft solicitation is available on the Federal Business Opportunities website under Solicitation Number 47QREB18R0001.

Since the draft solicitation and original questions and answers were posted, the Government decided to make some changes to the upcoming final solicitation, which are reflected in the revised Questions and Answers.  Particularly, the Government decided to allow Joint Ventures to participate in the upcoming HCaTS SB Pool 1 on-ramping. The revised questions and answers to the draft solicitation are also now available as an updated Appendix A of the draft solicitation on FBO under Solicitation Number 47QREB18R0001.

NOTE: The Government is still in the process of preparing the final solicitation, which will be posted on FBO.  Please stay tuned as there is no set date for release of the final solicitation at this time.


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