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Newest Enhancements to beta.SAM.gov

As you may know, the General Services Administration (GSA) manages federal acquisition and awards processes in 10 online systems which are now being merged into one. You may  remember that in October 2017, we soft-launched beta.SAM.gov as a test site and have been focusing on designing the site based on your feedback. During this modernization effort, we are continuously releasing new code and fixes to the website.


With each software release, we work to improve the user experience, enhance the quality of the website, and reduce the burden for those wishing to do business with the federal government. We do this through a combination of minor enhancements and fixing known issues. Below is a list of customer-facing changes that were made to the beta site application and database in the development window, culminating in the build to production on September 24, 2018.

  • Trigger notification of updates for followed awards
  • Trigger exclusions notification for followed entities
  • Release notes
  • Exports to PDF/CSV such as:
    • Assistance Listing search results
    • Single Contract Data items
    • User directory or role lists searches
  • Intraorganizational change request updates (retain CFDA Number) 

For more detail information on these updates, visit the new release notes page on beta.SAM.gov.  


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