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GSA IT Schedule 70 Program to Incorporate Automated Contact Center Solutions Special Item Number (SIN 132-20)



The General Services Administration (GSA), Office of IT Schedule Contract Operations, is establishing a new Automated Contact Center Solutions (SIN) 132-20. The ACCS SIN provides a deep pool of pre-vetted vendors with a diverse set of contact center solutions. The SIN focuses on the technologies that enable customer engagement and solutions.

Purpose and Benefits of Planned Action

The purpose and benefits of adding SIN 132-20, Contact Center Solutions (ACCS), are:

Access to deep pool of ACCS SIN vendors: The new SINs will allow federal agencies to easily procure the ACCS solutions from commercial industry leaders, with smoother on and off-ramping and a broader availability of emerging technology.

Rapid ordering and deployment of services: Agencies can rapidly deploy needed ACCS solutions using the IT Schedule 70 Program’s streamlined ordering procedures that reduce agency procurement lead times by 25 - 50% as compared to open market procurement lead times.

Reduction in open market procurements and contract duplication: The SIN 132-20 addition will eliminate an existing gap in available ACCS solutions under the IT Schedule 70 Program, thereby enabling the procurement of ACCS solutions. By replacing the existing USA Contact IDIQ with a new IT Schedule 70 SIN 132 20, federal agencies can procure the services they need, from their preferred vendor, at competitive prices. GSA can avoid the additional administrative burden of establishing a new vehicle and agencies will not need to conduct expensive and time consuming open market procurements to meet their requirements.

For additional information please contact Muneeb Khan at muneeb.khan@gsa.gov or Ellery Taylor at ellery.taylor@gsa.gov

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SIN Timeline


SIN Milestones



Request For Information (RFI) published



Held an industry day in Washington, D.C.



Draft significant changes posted on GSA Interact



IT Schedule 70 Webinar on ACCS SIN
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ACCS SIN established for vendors to add to contract (IT Schedule 70 Refresh)


For more information, please see the attachments.

Attachment 1: Draft Significant Changes Document

Attachment 2: Draft Terms & Conditions

Attachment 3: Draft SIN Description


Attachment TitleSizeType
PDF icon Draft Solicitation Changes.pdf220.05 KBPDF
Attachment TitleSizeType
PDF icon ACCS SIN - Terms & Conditions.pdf97.08 KBPDF

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